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Tax Planning

The solution to pay less taxes and not die trying

From tax planning we can say that it is to optimize the impact of taxes on our personal economy and get a better return on our savings. Careful! Tax planning is not tax evasion, it is simply using tools or advantages that allow us to achieve our objectives within an approved legal framework. 

It is important to know what kind of planning we need, either for our business (a professional activity, business, etc.) or on a personal level, and we will need professional advice in both cases.

At a business level we have the Corporation Tax and at a personal level we have to talk about 3:

   -Personal income tax

   - The Wealth Tax

   - Inheritance and Donation Tax. 

At MARINEU we can advise you so that you can choose whether you prefer one or both options, since you can have a business in a certain country, even live in it and take advantage of the advantages that this country can offer you or simply have your business in a certain country and continue living in yours of birth or adoption. 

Our history

MARINEU is present in Andorra and is represented in other countries.

Within our activities as accounting, tax and legal advisers, we are also representatives of professional and amateur athletes, since our collaborators  are specialists in this matter, they are FIFA Agents and federations from some countries such as France , Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain and Andorra. Some professionals in the football sector trust us to solve their problems in terms of negotiations and contracts in which we, with our experience, offer dialogue and understanding with clubs from all over the world. 

Our purpose

We invite you to read the section onResidence in Andorraand think about what you want to do when deciding on the Fiscal Planning. From MARINEU we can help you solve the doubts that most people have when they decide to save on taxes and take advantage of the conditions offered by different countries in relation to this issue. It is very important to have clear ideas when making decisions and to have a good team. 

Our team

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