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Accounting, Tax, Labor, Commercial, Legal Advice
Real Estate

Professional's accountant is the one who regulates the intermediation between administration, businessmen and firms with the guarantee of quality service in economic, tax, organizational and behavioral matters, guides the conclusions of the accounting logic supported by technical principles and standards, giving space in the interpretation of the condition, quality and value of assets and business management.

"Making fortune demands both a lot of audacity and a lot of prudence, and when we achieve it, all those qualities must be multiplied by 10 if we want to maintain it"
Nathan Mayer Rothschild
(1777 – 1836)

Our services

We have representation in Spain, France, Portugal and Estonia


We provide accounting, tax and legal advice, we look for investments and we are committed to our clients. We provide solutions to routine administrative problems and you just take care of your business. Don't worry about tax returns and social security problems, that's what we're here for.

Investment, Strategy and operation

Before you start writing your own plan for your business model, it is worth consulting a few others. Not just to get ideas about the presentation or the way the content is displayed. We can make an interesting list of everything that seems to us and apply it to yours. To be innovative, new, you must be inspired by the work of others. Especially if...

Business plan 

A Business Plan is a document that includes the objectives of the business project in question. It serves as a letter of introduction to potential partners, collaborators or financial entities. Accountant Andorra - Spain, a company attached to the Ministry of Industry of Andorra and Spain can help you build a project with a participatory loan if the Administrations consider it viable and innovative.

customer opinion
“Working with Contable Andorra has always been a wise decision. They have provided me with solutions and facilities. Now I am retired, but we are still together in the personal sphere”

Former Owner Rest. Don Denis


Do you need + information?

If you want more information about us or our services and solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you. 

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